WHO Press

In Brief

WHO Press looks to provide safe passage into the magnificent outdoors and wilderness areas around Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley through its outdoor guidebooks and maps. We also seek to promote and preserve the history of this valley and its people through publications by local authors.

Our Story

WHO Press came into being in 1988 when Warren H. Ohlrich published and distributed his first hiking guidebook covering Aspen, Snowmass and the surrounding wilderness areas. Responding to the market, WHO Press continued to publish guidebooks by Warren Ohlrich and other local authors for both summer and winter activities in the Aspen and Central Colorado area. Coffeetable and history books were added into the mix, drawing upon the work of local authors and many of the Roaring Fork Valley’s finest professional photographers. Next came maps for hikers, bikers and tourists, followed by notecards with photos of Aspen, the valley and nearby wilderness areas.

After 25 years WHO Press continues to market these publications to retail stores, groups, hotels, and other outlets in the Roaring Fork Valley and Central Colorado. This endeavor continues to have the local touch, involving residents of the Roaring Fork Valley.

Warren Ohlrich

Warren Ohlrich

For over 25 years Warren Ohlrich has been writing guidebooks while hiking, backpacking, running, biking, skiing and snowshoeing the trails in the Aspen and Central Colorado area. He also enjoys exploring new areas in Colorado and Utah, using other writers’ guidebooks. His philosophy of guidebook writing, gained from his own experience, is to provide good, descriptive information for not only the trails, but also for getting to the trailheads. He never assumes that the readers know what he as the writer knows.

Warren constantly revisits all the trails, taking his camera, digital recorder and GPS along to record information for new editions of the guidebooks. “I get out and do every single trail,” he said, “It’s sort of like my work is play.”

He sticks to the basic facts—what a hiker–skier–snowshoer will see, where to go, what to expect, how hard it will be and how long it will take. Ohlrich’s descriptions of trails and surrounding terrain aren’t flashy or flowery, but they are packed with factual details that don’t leave readers scratching their heads over directions. When necessary, he includes GPS readings for critical intersections and the start/finish of routes.

Warren Ohlrich has recently moved to Moab, Utah, looking for new trails, but he continues to spend a good part of the year back on the Aspen and Central Colorado trails which he loves so dearly.