WHO Press

Aspen: Body, Mind & Spirit

Aspen: Body, Mind & Spirit

Details: Hardcover, 128 pages, 96 color photos, 11 historic black and white photos, 9 x 12.

Publisher: WHO Press

ISBN: 978-1-882426-11-9

Author: Paul Andersen

Price: $39.95

In Brief:

In Celebration of the Aspen Idea.
Photos by Burnham Arndt, Aaron Strong, Alan Becker, David Hiser

Aspen: Body, Mind & Spirit is a colorful pictorial reflection of Aspen and its history. Through color photos depicting the town of Aspen, its activities, and the beautiful natural setting, this book shows Aspen moving from the original utopian vision, with skiing and recreation becoming the town’s prevailing influence.


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