WHO Press

Basalt and the Frying Pan

Basalt and the Frying Pan

Details: Softcover, 160 pages, 109 historic black and white photos, 10 illustrations, 6 x 9.

Publisher: WHO Press

ISBN: 978-1-882426-16-4

Author: Earl V. Elmont

Price: $18.95

In Brief:

Legacy of Colorado Midland Railroad

The Colorado Midland Railroad pierced the Rockies in the 1880s and failed in 1918, but it left behind a legacy in the Frying Pan Valley and Basalt of historic sites, old tunnels, towns, settlements, depots and stops on the railroad, and generations of families forever affected by the long lost railroad. The author shares some history, and the memories and stories of the families of this area. He includes information about a Chinese village, the Mallon Tunnel, Hell Gate, the terrible winter of 1899, railroad accidents, and the everyday life of the inhabitants, depicting a quiet valley rich in history.


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