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High Road to Aspen

High Road to Aspen

Details: Hardbound in full color, 8 x 10", 304 pages, 228 photographs, 11 maps.

Publisher: ERG Press

ISBN: 978-0-615552-47-7

Authors: Paul Andersen and David Hiser

Price: $29.95

In Brief:

“High Road to Aspen is a treasure. Paul Andersen and David Hiser are treasures.
  The wealth in Leadville and Aspen are not defined as high-grade ore or real estate, it is the gifts of talent shared.
  Life in the highest high country is documented and celebrated in High Road to Aspen and we owe the authors a debt of gratitude for producing this remarkable tome.”

Aspen Historical Society

High Road to Aspen tells the story of Independence Pass, a 44-mile stretch of cliff-hanging, switch-backed, serpentine highway that is one of the most spectacular mountain passes in North America. This book explains how Independence Pass became the birth canal for Aspen in the early 1880s as men, materials and money poured over the Divide from the booming metropolis of Leadville. Here are adventures, tales and sagas published for the first time.

High Road to Aspen traces the influence of the Pass on Aspen and describes the Independence Pass Road as a ribbon-like interface between man and nature, civilization and wilderness, the present and the distant past. Here is the story of water and trans-mountain diversions, the details of geology and mining, accounts of avalanches and heroic journeys.

High Road to Aspen celebrates the wonders of Independence Pass as an incomparable geographic feature. It extols the human history of the Pass by depicting a succession of colorful characters, from pioneer explorers to freighters to today’s professional bicycle racers.

To those who find inspiration from a dramatic journey through time and space over the spine of the continent,
High Road to Aspen will clarify understanding, enhance appreciation, and enrich local history.


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